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SCENAR therapy is an EFFECTIVE, non-invasive medical technology, which works by stimulating the body’s inherent self-healing mechanisms, with no undesirable side effects.



Unique technology

 We are excited to be one of the few facilities in the Phuket to offer the revolutionary, healing therapy known as SCENAR therapy. SCENAR therapy harnesses your body’s own biofeedback mechanisms in order to stimulate healing and create a CHANGE in a condition in the very first visit.

How does it work?

SCENAR is therapeutic bipolar electrotherapy delivered through the skin. Most modalities used by healthcare practitioners are passive. But SCENAR therapy is different. It uses active reflex biofeedback to create a responsive, unique treatment at every session.

Your body creates a network of electromagnetic and acoustic fields, that are altered when injured. SCENAR monitors, recognizes and responds to the changes in the skin’s impedance, then uses a unique form of electrotherapy to stimulate the largest amount of neural tissue, creating a cascade of healing neuropeptide release. In other words, SCENAR enables a unique interaction between device and the body to stimulate its own, natural healing mechanisms providing maximal therapeutic effect.

Who can benefit?

SCENAR can be used regardless of the type of diagnosis and is therefore a non-specific approach which, however, depends highly on the ability and the speed of the patient’s body to react to the SCENAR signal.  SCENAR produces both local effects (by stimulating the skin, muscle and blood vessels) as well as general influence effects (by influencing nervous and endocrine systems). It is further known that the pattern of SCENAR impulses stimulates neural pathways via active points in the skin in an effort to restore and to improve the function of the disease-affected organs and tissues.

SCENAR therapy can be used to treat many conditions, including, but not limited to:

  1. Pain associated with injury, surgery or trauma
  2. Musculoskeletal problems such as bursitis, tendinopathies, strains & sprains
  3. Jaw & dental problems
  4. Skin conditions & scars
  5. Poor energy & sleep
  6. Rebalance nervous system

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