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The anti-pain effect of SCENAR is systemic. Device application stimulates the release of endorphins and many other neuropeptides


What does SCENAR treat?

The list of diseases, which can be treated by our device occupies about two pages. Among them: traumas, injuries, fractures, burns, various articular and musculoskeletal system diseases, gynecology, infertility, cosmetological problems, recovery after surgical operations, nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems diseases, gastroenterology and many others. 

At the same time SCENAR is not a magic wound and cannot treat all the diseases. Thus, our device can significantly alleviate a patient’s condition in case of cancer and improve the way he feels, but it does not cure the disease itself.

What does efficiency depend on?

It depends on several factors. Type of the device, age of a patient, competence of the operator, nature of the disease and individual constitutional peculiarities. Child’s body reacts quicker than the senjor’s body. Acute pain goes off during the first treatment session, chronic diseases are healed for a much longer time and require participation or consultation of a SCENAR therapist.

The principle of the SCENAR signal impact is the same in all the modifications of the device. When you use the method correctly the healing effect usually becomes apparent during the first treatment session. While treating chronic diseases the effect shows up after several sessions or at the end of the treatment. Sometimes there is no visible effect after several sessions and suddenly there comes an improvement. Frequently we observe quick recoveries. Such cases are called SCENAR miracles. Everyone who works with our device for a long time has his own SCENAR miracle. Sometimes a patient treating one disease heals another one at the same time.

Do SCENAR devices have contraindications?

Yes, they have. Here they are:

1. SCENAR must not be used for treating patients, who have implanted electric cardiac pacemaker and other electric devices (insulin pumps, cochlear hearing endoprostheses etc.). The fear is that they may malfunction while operating or even fail.

2. People under the influence of alcohol must not use SCENAR for self-treatment, because perception of energy level and impact duration of the device are not perceived correctly in that state.

3. SCENAR shall not be used for treating people with an evident idiosyncrasy to electric stimulation (very infrequent).

SCENAR shall not be used at acute infectious diseases with unclarified diagnosis.

It is important to point out that the majority of the mentioned restrictions is explained by the lack of necessary researches.

What is a biofeedback?

In our case it is an effect, which appears during every SCENAR treatment session. The design allows the device to «feel» the body`s feedback to SCENAR impulse. On the basis of this feedback the device automatically adjusts the parameters of the impulse and ‘finds’ the zones, that require particular attention of the operator. That means the body itself «shows» the operator which zones need special treatment. Thus, there is a three-side connection at the SCENAR treating session: patient — device — operator. As a result the effectiveness of each session increases sufficiently.

Is SCENAR treatment comfortable?

If the treatment energy (strength) was initially set too high, it may bring discomfort during skin contact. Just decrease the energy and discomfort will become comfortable tingling. That is why you need to adjust the treatment energy carefully, slowly increasing it to the desired level.

In case of acute pain, however, the intense treatment is used, which is close to the painful threshold. In this case the treatment process may be uncomfortable. To make it less disturbing, move the electrode along the treatment zone. If that doesn’t help, just decrease the treatment energy.

Moreover, you might feel sleepy, or, instead full of energy. It is also possible for the patients to feel hot or sweaty. These are vegetative reactions of the body, which are typical for SCENAR treatment. They end fast and are the sign of the effectiveness of the procedure. Though, if such reactions are too intense, you need to stop the procedure.

What is a body response?

Body response is a reaction of the body to the SCENAR application, carried out according to a certain method. During a treatment session the body ‘shows’ (by means of its feedback to the SCENAR impulse) which areas require an enhanced treatment. 

When exposed to SCENAR influence the patient’s brain optimizes the body response in order to most efficiently restore dysfunctions of the body. If you deliver the treatment according to a specified method the result is achieved fast. However, even if you just move a turned on device over the skin, the process is going well, though less efficiently.

What is the simple explanation of how a SCENAR device works?

The SCENAR is a non-invasive, safe method of relieving pain by stimulating the central nervous system using gentle biofeedback. The device re-educates and encourages the body to powerfully use its own internal pharmacy of bioactive substances, especially neuro-peptides. SCENAR therapy in not simply one-way communication like most electro-therapies. SCENAR tunes into the body’s nervous system biofeedback and it understands the body’s needs from sophisticated software that interprets the body’s own signals to stimulate the body’s own healing process.

What conditions can SCENAR treat?

SCENAR treatments are primarily associated with pain management. SCENAR treatments have a long track record of providing relief from joint pain including foot, ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist, TMJ, back and neck problems as well has headache and migraine pain relief.

Is SCENAR safe?

SCENAR has proven to be safe for almost anyone, including children. In over 20 years of widespread use around the world very few unwanted side effects have been reported. But definitely do NOT seek or receive SCENAR treatment if you have a pacemaker or you are intoxicated from alcohol or any other substance.

Is SCENAR therapy painful?

SCENAR electro-therapy is painless as Dr. Ridley will adjust the power of the electrical impulse to each individual patient.

Is SCENAR compatible with conventional medical treatments?

Yes. SCENAR is non-invasive and compatible with most conventional treatments. Many physicians welcome SCENAR treatment and are aware that – under doctor’s supervision – they may enable you to reduce or even eliminate pain.

What is the difference between SCENAR and TENS?

The major distinguishing characteristic is SCENAR “listens” to the body and adjusting its electrical impulses based on what it “hears” from the body. TENS has no biofeedback or adjusting based on how the body is changing. TENS is simple, monophasic waveforms, static and non-specific. SCENAR therapy is dynamic and it is constantly being moved by the doctor over the affected area in order to intelligently find the best treatment points based on biofeedback from the SCENAR device.

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