Alan Steel

After trying various treatments to sort trapped nerve back pain without any success, I heard about s Scenar Plus therapist Angelica and decided to give it a try. I found Angelica friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The treatment is not invasive and after one session my back pain was sorted. I have since recommended this treatment to various friends. Highly recommended.

Alan Steel (Rawai, Phuket)

Douglas T. Uyeda

I had been treated by doctors and physical therapists for chondromalacia patella, or knee pain, for about four years and always had to take over-the-counter pain pills just to make it though my routine as a mom. I received only two treatments and ten days later, my knees are still great! They are not 100% but they are way better than they were! I have not taken Tylenol since receiving treatment. When I woke up the first morning after my treatment the first thing I did was walk up the stairs and it was only a tiny bit uncomfortable, nothing compared to what it normally is.

Rosemary Carden

As a fibromyalgia sufferer myself – and using the Scenar to treat myself – I can say that it helped heaps, to the point where I can have weeks without pain. However, particuarly, in the early days, I always had exacerbation of pain. It’s almost as if the body over-reacts in a big way. I notice now that if I lie in the EB (Healing Blanket) after treatment, that I have no exacerbation afterwards.

I absolutely love the Scenar treatment, it’s given me back my life. Before Scenar I used to be in chronic pain & feel so tired that I’d just look up and say “Beam me up, I’ve had enough”. I’ve also treated others with fibromyalgia & they react in the same way – they get exacerbations as well.
Speaking for myself, it was a very gradual & subtle change – but gradually I just started feeling better & better. Then, one day, probably 1 month later, I suddenly realised that I hadn’t been in pain for a week. Just tell your patients that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Stephanie Davies-Ara

The pain in my hip built for months until it was agony. I had pethedine injections and went on morphine and several other drugs. After collapsing at work and unable to walk, I phoned Paul who gave me daily Scenar treatments and NES therapy. After 10 days I’d stopped the drugs, was almost pain free and drove 80 miles to a key work event. I had a few follow-ups until a slight ache was gone and in the six months since then i’ve been totally pain-free and resumed a very active life.

Mary, 67 years

I fell heavily onto my left hand, twisting the thumb at a right angle. This left major bruising and swelling in the thumb, wrist and hand, and significant pain, especially at night. With Scenar treatment, I was surprised to see the bruising and swelling reduce 90%, even the first treatment, and after several treatments, the pain at night had gone.

Marco Crivello

I snapped my achilles tendon and had surgery. A few months later, I was in acute pain – a permanent suture was rubbing against the scar tissue. Walking was difficult and driving was impossible. After one Scenar session with Angelica, the pain went and hasn’t returned.

Pat Solari

A shattered tendon in the shoulder is painful and disabling. Cortisone injections made no impact, so an operation was needed.But first I was referred to Angelica for SCENAR Therapy.
After several treatments mobility was back and I was painfree. 3 months later I am still painfree and have full mobility of arm and shoulder without having to have an operation.


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